What sets us apart
Investments and interests of our shareholder: A unique portfolio

Entirely in keeping with the spirit of our innovative founder Emil Georg Bührle, we have a wide range of interests, both business and cultural. They unite our sense for what is built to last with our feel for an opportunity. More than that, however, they shape every aspect of the culture and standards of our group.

IHAG Privatbank

Founded in 1949, IHAG Privatbank has family roots. It was established by global industrialist Emil Georg Bührle to support his companies’ financial activities. The Bank also managed its founder's private assets.
Emil Georg Bührle’s entrepreneurial spirit has shaped IHAG Privatbank from the start, so we have always been more than a conventional private bank. Today we operate as a universal bank, offering our clients a comprehensive range of financial products

IHAG Privatbank

Pilatus Aircraft

A Global Brand at the Foot of Pilatus:
Founded in Stans in 1939 under the leadership of industrialist Emil Georg Bührle, Pilatus Aircraft soon established itself as a developer and builder of extremely high-performance small aircraft.
Today, Pilatus is a global brand which includes two independent subsidiaries in the USA and in Australia. Our shareholders have owned a substantial equity participation in the Pilatus Group since generations.

Pilatus Aircraft, Stans

The Living Circle: focusing on quality of life

The concept for The Living Circle revolves around pleasure and quality of life. At the same time, the philosophy behind The Living Circle brings together the fine dining, hospitality and agricultural activities.


The Living Circle encompasses two 5-star hotels – the Storchen, steeped in tradition in Zurich's historical centre, and the incomparable Castello del Sole in Ascona, and two sustainable agricultural operations – the Terreni alla Maggia in Ascona and the Schlattgut above Herrliberg on the shores of Lake Zurich, as well as two beautifully situated country-style restaurants – the Buech above Herrliberg, and the Rustico del Sole high above Ascona.

The Living Circle

Hotel Storchen, Zurich

Hotel Castello del Sole, Ascona

Terreni alla Maggia, Ascona

Schlattgut, Herrliberg

Real Estate
Every entrepreneurial vision must have a strong foundation. Our shareholders have a variety of real estate holdings throughout Switzerland, ranging from traditional office buildings, commercial properties and hotels, to vineyards and modern, integrated agricultural operations. These are our valuable long-term investments. Our core objective is to generate sustainable added value from these assets by managing them strategically, in a variety of ways.

Stockerhof, Zurich

​Bleicherhof, Zurich

Committed to the arts
Fine art and music are the visible and audible expressions of our corporate culture, and are interwoven in many ways with the history of our group.
Our two foundations – the E.G. Bührle Collection which is among the most important 20th century private collections of French Impressionsism and Post-Impressionism, and Géza Anda Foundation which supports young pianists and provide concert management services - enjoy world standing

Foundation  E.G. Bührle Collection

Géza Anda Foundation

AdNovum is a leading developer of high-end software and IT security and was added in our shareholder's portfolio in 2007. AdNovum specializes in the design, implementation and maintenance of software and security solutions that comply with stringent business and technical requirements. 
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Zurich, with offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore, AdNovum employs over 600 staff today.
Its customers encompass various industries including finance, government, insurance, telecommunications and media. 

AdNovum, Zurich

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